High-Speed Cell Sorter Biosafety and Containment Testing


High-Speed Cell Sorter Biosafety and Containment Testing

This webinar explores the various biosafety aspects of high-speed cell sorting.  The emphasis of this presentation is the evolution and development of aerosol containment testing, including the new ISAC standard that uses a novel impactor and microspheres to test containment.  This new assay can be utilized to test sorters housed inside or outside of a biosafety cabinet.

Learning Objectives

Examine the hazards and risks associated with cell sorting along with a detailed explanation of the latest containment testing method after this webinar.   

Describe how to implement the new testing method into existing safety protocols to ensure cells sorters have adequate aerosol containment.    

Who Should Attend

Persons who use high-speed cell sorters, sort operators, health and safety professionals, or anyone interested in biosafety.


Geoffrey Lyon  M.P.H.  

Presenter Bio

 Yale Flow Cytometry Facility Manager/BSL-3 Sort Operator  Company:  Yale University School of Medicine 

      • Yale University Flow Cytometry Facility, 2003-present
      • ISAC Biosafety Committee Member, 2015-present 
      • ABSA International Course Presenter; 2012,2014, 2019 
      • Yale BSL-3 Subcommittee Member 
      • BSL-3 Certified Researcher and Trainer 
      • Discovered cell sorter AMS filter failures

Seminar Information
Date Presented:
December 18, 2019 12:00 PM Eastern
1 hour
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High-Speed Cell Sorter Biosafety and Containment Testing
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