Flow Cytometry Data Management-Drinking from the Firehose (without Getting Wet)

Flow Cytometry is a high-content technology, and unique in the complexity, not to mention the sheer volume of data of data that it generates. Typical experiments in the “pre-digital” era averaged in the 1-10 Mbyte range, whereas experiments done on modern digital instruments average over 100 times as much, and some extend well above 1000-fold larger. Techniques that were once adequate to manage data were not scalable, now leaving researchers and core facilities in a quandary: how do they store, organize, transfer, back up, archive and analyze these very large volumes of data? In this workshop we will get into the way-back machine and travel back to the time when storing and distributing data on CDs seemed so much better than floppy disks or ZIP drives. We will then pose the problem of today’s data in the context of yesterday’s technology and finally illustrate with examples some solutions that current computing technology, together with innovative software, have to offer.


After the tutorial, the participant will understand the full dimension of the challenge of data management, and will be conversant in the technologies and strategies that can be utilized to effectively “drink from the firehose”.


Course Details or Outline:

  • Historical Perspectives: How Did We Get Here?
  • Cytometry Instrumentation and Capabilities
  • Evolution of Computing Technologies
  • Current State: What Do We Do Now?
  • Cytometry Instrumentation and Capabilities
  • Modern Computing Technologies
  • Examples of Successful Data Management Strategies
  • A Glimpse into the Future
  • Summary/Conclusions


Flow Cytometry Data Management-drinking from the firehose (without getting wet)

Speaker Information
Wade Rogers   [ view bio ]
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American Society for Clinical Pathology
CMLE: 1.50
This continuing medical laboratory education activity is recognized by the American Society for Clinical Pathology for 1.5 CMLE credit. ASCP CMLE credits are acceptable for the ASCP Board of Registry Certification Maintenance Program.
International Society for Advancement of Cytometry
ICCE: 1.50
This Seminar is presented free of charge.