In November 2016, the ISAC Shared Resource Laboratory (SRL) Task Force published a document outlining a set of “best practices” for SRLs or Core Facilities to use as a general guide for achieving and maintaining standards of excellence in the services they provide. These best practices highlight several important areas that impact the efficiency, quality and reproducibility of services provided by these facilities. The purpose of this tutorial is to provide guidance and generate discussion and feedback on how to best implement these “best practices” across a wide variety and flavors of these SRLs or Cores.

1.    Introduction of the Best Practices and what is hoped to be achieved through implementation
2.    Brief presentation and background information on each topic including SOPs, Training and Education, Quality Assurance, Laboratory Safety, Data Management, Staffing, and Operations
3.    Identification of potential roadblocks and hurdles and how to overcome them
4.    Benefits of implementation and adherence to these best practices

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June 10, 2017
Implementing Best Practices in a Flow Cytometry Shared Resource (Core) Facility
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CYTO 2017 Scientific Session
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